Our Mission...

The Western Lakes Fire District is committed to providing the highest level of protection of life and property to those we serve. We provide Emergency Medical Services, Fire Suppression, Rescue Services, Fire Prevention and Public Education. Our professional and dedicated staff are devoted to promoting an environment that encourages teamwork, safety, problem solving, and creativity, while maintaining a positive public image.

Our Core Values...

  • Leadership – art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.

    • (honest, confident, commitment, passionate, communicator, decision maker, accountable, delegation/empowerment, innovative, empathetic)

  • Professionalism – behavior and qualities expected from a professional, trained, and skilled person.

    • (neat appearance, proper demeanor, reliable, competent, communicator, ethical,organize, accountable, timely, focused)

  • Integrity – doing the right thing in a reliable way; firm adherence to a code of morality and ethics.

    • (take responsibility of self, putting others needs above own, offering to help, giving benefit of doubt, respect, true kindness, admitting when wrong)

  • Loyalty – devotion and faithfulness to the District and mission of the District.

    • (believes, supports, cheerleads, praises, communicates, teaches, promote, delegates, provides, duplicates)