Our Mission...

The mission of the Western Lakes Fire District is to protect the citizens and property of the Village of Dousman, Village of Summit, and Town of Ottawa from fire, accident, and medical emergency by providing excellent service and education.  It is the intent of the Western Lakes Fire District to carry out this mission timely, professionally, and with respect for our fellow employees and citizens.

We Value...


  • We take pride in each other, the department, the community, the service, our traditions, our mission, and ourselves.  We Will:

    • Be efficient and effective

    • Be professional

    • Be Competent

    • Strive for quality

    • Realize our potential


  • We are willing to change, take educated risks, and move forward.  We will:

    • Seek knowledge

    • Be flexible

    • Be creative

    • Respect new ideas and thinking, while honoring our history

    • Take initiative

    • Participate and be part of change


  • We are true to our values at all times.  We will:

    • Be consistent

    • Be honest

    • Live up to the values of the organization


  • We strive for unity.  We will:

    • Collaborate, support and commit to each other

    • Be inclusive of others

    • Communicate ideas and information throughout all levels of the organization

    • Be informed, synergistic problem solvers

    • Be compassionate and empathetic

    • Be loyal

    • Have fun


  • We are trustworthy and supportive of the community and the organization.  We will:

    • Be accountable personally, professionally, and socially

    • Be responsive to the community and to each other

    • Show commitment by participating

    • Follow through with actions

    • Be fiscally responsible